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Description :

Do all your world traveling with this calendar showing a new and interesting place for each month of the year.

Attractive style showing off a sleek design with 3 months per page at an incredible low price.

All three languages (English, Spanish and French) printed on each and all date pads.

Size :

Open 9 x 20          Closed 9 x 11

Advertising Copy :

4 lines on flap in black ink included. For other than black add $15 (basic standard colors only, no PMS match). No charge for straight line copy.

Copy Area :

7 x 1 1/2.

Logo Reproduction : $25 each providing black and white camera-ready artwork to size is provided.
Set Up Charge : none.
Excess Copy :

$2.00 per line, space permitting. We reserve the right to split up copies too long for available space into additional lines and charge accordingly.

Copy Change : $20.00 each, not less than 200 per copy. All copies must have a common bond.
Packing and Shipping Weight :

Approximately 12 lbs. per 100 pcs.

Less than minimum : $25.00, not less than 100 pieces.
Production Time : 7-10 working days.
FOB point : Our factory in New York State
Assortment : With the same copy, styles may be combined, minimum of 100 pieces per calendar type.
   200    300    500    1000    2500    5000
 $ 1.00  $ 0.95  $ 0.91  $ 0.86  $ 0.83  $ 0.81
(6C), All Estras G
NOTE :  

Prices for all orders placed until August/1/2016. Prices will increase after August/1/2016.

We Will Not Be Responsible For Errors Due To Handwritten Or Unclearly Transmitted Faxed Orders.
Due To Quantities Being Limited, A Complete Style Assortment Cannot Be Guaranteed Late In The Season.

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